Proper Use and Installation of Solar PV Modules

Renewable energy is becoming a primary source of power for rural, urban domestic and commercial use.  The solar PV modules used for this purpose generate electricity from sunlight and need proper maintenance to remain at their best performance capacity. The modules are made of photovoltaic cells which are made of materials that are efficient in generating electricity from sunlight.

The undoing of many people who are buying panels is poor mounting, wiring, lack of maintenance and faulty batteries. Companies dealing with solar appliances have been blamed of producing substandard goods without considering how customers handle these products. However, with availability of an ever rising number of skilled technicians it is becoming easier to have these sort of problems sorted out.

Mishandling of these products can result to failure despite producers adhering to high standards. Without proper use and care of the systems, enough power cannot be produced. To get the best service from the photovoltaic modules the angling should be done correctly.

When mounting, the most optimal angle to get the sun’s rays should be considered so that the modules can receive enough sunlight. Avoid mounting at place that have shadows and regularly check whether the panel is covered by leaves or other objects. Obstructions reduces the level of sunlight being absorbed negatively impacting on output. In most cases, good performance is attained if a panel is angled south and in a way that light reflection is minimal.

High quality racks optimizes power production as the panel elevation and angling can be adjusted. Adjustments can be made to increase production in different seasons that determine the position of the sun.  Racks are used to secure power sources at fixed points and protect them from damage or abuse.

Mounting at the wrong places exposes PVs to being hit, stolen or tampered with. Modules should not be mounted directly on any service to facilitate enough air circulation for cooling. High temperature significantly reduces output and can result in malfunction.

The batteries should be positioned as close as possible to the energy source. This is because photovoltaic DC output is of low voltage. This ensures that the length of the wires is short to reduce power wasted during energy conduction. The wires should be heavy, of good quality and professionally connected.

To protect the panel from being affected by lightning, electric grounding should be done to eradicate static upsurge. This minimizes the chances of lightning strikes, prolonging the life your power source.  The solar PV modules are resourceful when they are well wired and maintained. To reduce malfunctioning, install the system appropriately and the panel will probably outlive its warrant.

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