Canadian Solar Panels Pass Crucial Salt Corrosion Test

Canadian Solar  has marked another milestone in the journey to being a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions in the world. Barely a decade after the company was launched in the Canadian province of Ontario, it has already extended operations to Europe and Asia and looks set to establish itself as a force to reckon with all over the world in the coming years. This latest development is only one in a line of achievements that the company has had in the last couple of years.The EC61701 Ed2 (salt mist corrosion testing) is considered by many to the most stringent salt corrosion test in the world. The tests were conducted by TUV NORD CERT GmbH, a Germany based standards organization. The certification issued covers 33 of the company’s solar PV products. The products tested have ranging power outputs, from 13W to 305W equipment.

In March of 2011, Canadian solar panels passed the ammonia corrosion test that is recognized as a benchmark test for longevity of solar panels. This becomes significant where the solar modules are to be installed on buildings with heavy agricultural chemical production. The ammonia released into the atmosphere easily corrodes substandard panels leading to water seeping into the cells and thereby causing short circuits as well as irreparable damage.

The company voluntarily submitted their modules for the testing process certain that their stringent production procedures would come good. This development is decidedly an advantage that Canadian solar panels will have in seaside homes. It also greatly aids the company’s push to establish bigger footing in the Asian and Pacific regional markets like Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.

The modules were also subjected to  IEC60068-2-52 Ed.2 (Severity 1, Environmental testing), standards of which were just adopted in 2011. The specification Severity 1 is used for equipment and products expressly manufactured for use in directly marine environments or at least exposed to a sea environment for most of their lifetime usage. Thus the tests are no less stringent than what such implements as ship radar and deck equipment would be subjected to in quality assurance.

For a piece of equipment to be considered as having passed Severity 1 tests, it must undergo 4 cycles of testing, lasting a total of 28 days. In each of the cycles, the modules are subjected to a continuous spray of 5% sodium chloride solution for up to two hours each time. The panels are then stored for a whole week at humidity conditions of 85% as well as temperatures of 35 degrees Celcius.

What is most notable about this laboratory Severity 1 procedure is that the procedure is repeated four times in each test cycle. The conditions are decidedly stringent to ensure that they replicate the sort of pressure the PV modules would be put to in the entirety of their lifetime. There is no better proof that Canadian Solar PV modules are crafted to withstand the severest environmental conditions without affecting their effectiveness.

The modern consumer is decidedly very different from the one of yesteryear. Increased market liberalization has brought about a level of product choices that were virtually impossible to imagine only a few years ago. It is with this in mind that the news of the latest certification awarded to Canadian Solar PV modules is such welcome news for the discerning consumer.

At Solar Systems USA, we are committed to providing the very best renewable energy solutions. Our established partnership with the leading global brands means we can offer you the best products and accessories at the most unbeatable prices.
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